• Albidaa New Cufflinks

    Albidaa Cufflinks are made from high quality stainless steel. Its sleek design and material combinations are inspired from Hunting Materials…

  • Albidaa Ceramic Cups & Mugs

    Albidaa Arabic coffee mugs, teacup and mugs are designed by albidaa and manufactured in France. The design is made with gold …

  • Albidaa Hair Mist

    Hair Mists Are the New Way to Wear Your Fragrance. Albidaa Hair Mist adds softness and shine to the hair. Available in 6 different fragrances all made in France…

  • Albidaa Soap Bar

    Albidaa Soaps 77, 58, 91, 11, 81, 27 are Made from a conditioning blend of super-moisturizing vegetable oils and butters and with 30% fresh camel milk…

  • Introducing A Grade Oud Oil

    Here is Our Newest Collection, Albidaa Agarwood Oil, Extracted From the Finest Old Indian Agarwood and Classified As ‘Grade A’ .

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