Albidaa Camel Milk Soap Bar

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Albidaa Soaps 58, 77, 91, 26, 36, 81 are Made from a conditioning blend of super-moisturizing vegetable oils and butters and with 30% fresh camel milk our Natural Camel Milk Heritage Soaps will gently cleanse without washing away precious natural oils.

  • Made in France

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Albidaa Camel Milk Soap Pack contains 6 Camel Milk Soap Bars (58, 77, 91, 26, 36, 81), which is made out from our fast-moving fragrances.Albidaa Soap are Made from a conditioning blend of super-moisturizing natural essential oils and butters and with fresh camel milk. Cleansing with liquid soaps and detergent soap bars can strip the skin of its natural moisture, leaving the skin feeling dry, itchy, and flaky. That will not happen when you cleanse with our Camel Milk Soap Bars.

You may wonder why we add camel milk – quite simple really: For its amazing skin loving properties. Rich in Alpha Hydroxy Acids, vitamins, minerals and anti-inflammatory proteins, camel milk adds a level of nourishing skin care not found in traditional handcrafted soaps. Alpha Hydroxy Acids help to gently rejuvenate the skin, evening skin tone, softening fine lines and brightening the complexion.

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Dimensions 27 × 13 × 6 cm

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