In Qatar, Al Bidaa Swords & Gifts stands as a distinguished brand for swords and luxury items.

Al Bidaa Swords & Gifts was established in 2007 with the sole purpose of producing authentic Arabic luxury items. Al Bidaa Swords & Gifts offers range of unique swords, luxury gifts and genuine leather bags, in addition to perfumes produced by the most respected French manufacturers. Al Bidaa Swords & Gifts caters to its clients’ custom requests with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to deliver on time.


The prime focus upon the creation of our company was a passion for collecting Arabic swords and artifacts of historical value.
Since our creation, we have worked diligently to produce only the finest Arabic swords and have achieved ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications,validating a high standard of quality. Our swords are unique on the market and are adapted to triumph in the world of luxury goods.
The AlBidaa master craftsmen of swords are skilled with honored expertise,embedded in Qatari culture and heritage. This refined mastery is driven bythe desire to transmit the rich heritage of Qatar.
Using only the finest materials, our master craftsmen produce Arabic swords strictly of the highest quality, entirely made in Qatar. Our timeless pieces are certain to satisfy and be passed down to future generations. At AlBidaa, we are purveyors of luxury goods, emphasizing an understanding for the needs of our client and personalized level of service.

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